Unity of Praise

“The people I formed for myself will declare my praise.” Isaiah 43:21

Our purpose is clear, we were made to praise God. Praise is what can unify, revive, lead to repentance and restore. “I am the Lord. That is my name, and I will not give my glory to another or my praise to idols.” (Isaiah 42:8). So the question would be, what is stealing our praise?

C5055156-FDBD-46B8-9B37-5DF3FB849F93We all have areas of sin that lead our hearts to praise another. Sometimes it is ourselves, other times it is our possessions or maybe it is our opinion. It may be acceptable, but that does not make it right.

Imagine if we gathered to praise instead of protest. Would this have a greater impact on the hope of unity in our country? Much is wrong and has been wrong in our country, change is definitely needed. Praise of our God, our Creator would put us all on the same page. Maybe this is were we should start. “Praise our God, all peoples, let the sound of his praise be heard…” (Psalm 66:8).  He is worthy of our praise today!

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