Recalling Hope

“This I recall to mind, therefore I have hope. Through the LORD’S mercies we are not consumed…” Lamentations 3:21-22

Want to recall hope together? Then let us recall to mind, as the writer of Lamentations did, the mercies of our God. Perhaps we might need a reminder of what mercy even is because this word seems to be in great decline. It is an amazing exchange of compassion or forgiveness in place of a rightful punishment.  According to John 3:16, the whole world is the object of God’s mercy. Some have accepted this exchange and some have not. Those who have accepted should be leading in hope these days. How are we doing?

7DA6B22F-78D0-4F75-AD1C-E3BAA847C159Because of the Lord’s mercies we do not have to be consumed because we have hope. Because of the guaranteed hope of eternal life, we remind ourselves that this world is not our home. Since we are just journeying through, we do not have to be constantly swayed by the latest reports, stuck in the old way of doing things and withholding love from those we do not agree with. We can march on towards home loving others in our path. We can lend hope where others are running short and share with them our source of hope.

Our smiles might be covered, but we can still communicate hope just fine. Send a note of encouragement, a text reminding others that you love them, meet a need if you get word and be gracious to those closest to you. My husband had to remind me of that last one because today was a day! So keep hanging on to hope because a better day is coming.

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