Our oldest and her dad came home this morning from their weekly breakfast date with wide eyes. Apparently, on their way home the driver of a van swerved off the road and slammed into a deep ditch. They pulled over and the driver was okay. Another person had already called 911. My husband told me our daughters first response was to pray out loud for the driver. Her dependence and trust on her Heavenly Father was made evident.

1838721B-6F07-46EA-9271-9F0A0A72CF23This might not seem like a big deal to anyone, but she is the one going off to college in a matter of weeks. There will be many situations that are bigger than her and this dependence will be necessary. One could argue that independence is best, but I will have to disagree. For I have tried that stubborn approach and can tell you it is riddled with fear and insecurity. There is a better way and that is the way of the cross. I will warn you, some will think you foolish, but love does that to people doesn’t it?

*Photo by Anna Kate


5 thoughts on “Dependence

  1. What a wonderful post and blessing to you and your family to know she automatically called out to the Father 🙏🙏 Oh how I believe it delights our Father’s heart to hear His children pray💕🙏 Thank you for sharing.

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