Leaving Better

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” Mother Teresa

While we may not be spending time in large groups of people right now, perhaps the smaller gatherings give us wonderful opportunities to listen. With less voices we can hear the one who needs to be heard. We are having to be creative with socializing, but we seem to be figuring it out. We are not running short of chances to love others.

868F0541-AD91-42A4-9D25-F165084D3F10Yesterday I spent time with a precious lady and arrived with fruit salad and a few cookies. I left having had scripture read, prayers said on our families behalf and a bag of books. I came with little and left with much. Isn’t this a wonderful example to copy?

Today our neighbor came to share a story with our family on the back porch. We listened to her heart and she left us with a tangible gift to remember the time and invited us to be apart. We were left better from her visit.

In a short amount of time I saw this quote from Mother Teresa in action. When we read stories of Jesus, we see time and time again He did the same thing; the ultimate act being the cross. We are eternally grateful for His great act of love. May we follow His example.

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