“Because your heart was responsive and you humbled yourself before the LORD when you heard…” 2 Kings 22:19

The Bible is so full of hope and instruction. As I read certain passages, it could have easily been written today. There is so much to learn from how people responded when they were confronted with truth. Some responded in humility and others responded in arrogance. We tend to do one or the other don’t we?

263E03C7-5862-4DE9-B653-86F94B81239BDuring King Josiah’s reign of Judah, the Book of the Law was found and read to him. When he heard the words his first response was heartbreak, he tore his robes and then sent someone to pray for him and the people. He heard enough to know the consequences of not following God’s word and he wasted no time. The Lord spoke through a woman and her message was honest. The Lord saw Josiah’s heart filled with humility and how he responded. He was spared seeing the disaster of the people.

Perhaps during this pandemic we have also been warned. May we all respond like Josiah with humility, repentance over our sin, heartbreak and turn to the One true God. He is the only One who can save us.

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