Today I was invited to a birthday celebration that was memorable. What made it so were the people gathered around the table and the words spoken. We were asked to come with a word to describe our friend. Around the table we went, each saying in their own unique way the one word and why that described our mutual friend. It was absolutely beautiful! I couldn’t help but think how encouraging this simple gift had to be for our friend. This should happen more often.


Another aspect of my friend that was taken into consideration is how healthy she eats. The menu was planned and served accordingly. It was fantastic! Even the birthday cake was made with pure ingredients, no artificial stuff and nothing that was not beneficial. This became a picture of my friends heart. She is not one to add unnecessary words to a conversation or life in general. She keeps things simple and pure. She loves God and humbly relies on Him continually. There is a genuineness to her that is rare; she is a friend of great value. When you meet her family, you see the reflection of her work. They are a delight!

I do not know what your circle of friends looks like, but I pray you have a table full  of them. Ones that are anything but counterfeit and love God with their whole hearts. Friends that speak truth in love and kindness. Ones that sit beside you in good times and hard ones too. We need each other. May the Lord make us the kind of friends that do likewise all our days.

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