“And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship of breaking of bread and the prayers.”  Acts 2:42

Maybe because we are not gathering often, I appreciate when we do more than I use to. The groups have been small and the fellowship has been sweet. It reminds me of these early days described in Acts. I wonder what they ate besides bread? What were they learning? Wouldn’t you have loved to hear them talking out loud to our Lord? I have many questions.

F237BFCA-7452-4CD3-B4FB-7E3FD3747E04When you read this verse, does it create a longing in you too? I want more of this. Not necessarily more bread, chips and salsa perhaps, but it is the teaching, fellowship and praying together that pulls on my heart. It brings a sense of belonging and being known. Hearing what others are learning is encouraging too and gives us more to think about.

Community is healthy and we have been isolated for too long. And it might be why people are struggling because we need each other. I think about kids, especially teenagers, hurt for them and wonder what our family can do. The alone feeling can bring one into a dark place and the increase in suicides points to that end. So maybe it is time to open our doors. Say yes to small groups of teenagers that need a place to belong among their peers. Maybe we can make our homes known for something too. I make a pretty good homemade salsa:)

What ideas do you have to live out this practice of the early Christians?




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