“In the beginning God created…” Genesis 1:1

Have you ever spent time with a creative person? They are fascinating people I have to say. I am pretty sure the Lord made them to highlight beauty, another side of Himself. How hands can put paint to canvas and produce His reflection, astonishes me. Maybe that is why museums are such visited places throughout the world, everyone is wanting to catch a glimpse of Him, they just don’t always know it.

BA9B83E6-DD49-4BB0-8F2E-B7AD12DC196EI visited with an artist today. Took a tour of her studio and found even the floors were beautiful with their drips of run off paint. The colors all just seemed to have landed perfectly. She sent me home with a watercolor set and a jar of pastels for the kids. You would have thought it was Christmas morning when they looked in the bag and saw the treasures. Snack time was put on hold, while paper was pulled out and creating began. It made me smile.

Watching their freedom astonishes me. They did not hesitate to put a gift into use and took delight in the process. They invited me to join them and I quickly jumped in, but my marks looked stiff and far from carefree. Words are my brush and for that I am thankful. Maybe we all have a bit of creativity inside of us, we just have to find it buried beneath the layers of grown up stuff. Because in the creating we are reflecting.

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