“I will provide rain for your land in the proper time, the autumn and spring rains, and you will harvest your grain, new wine and fresh oil.”     Deuteronomy 11:14

We have been living in over 100 degree days. There are cracks in the ground because of the lack of water. Front lawns were starting to look burned, regardless of how hard your sprinkler system worked. And we didn’t really want to use up precious water on what will not last. And then just like that something happened. A cool breeze blew in earlier today and just now the sky opened up. It is pouring rain as I write. What a wonderful sound!

0964EFD4-DA2F-42A6-9961-781C912F9176As I listen and watch the rain come down, I am grateful. It has been a dry season for many of us. It has taken a toll on our emotions, wouldn’t you say? The isolation, uncertainties and masks are not soul healthy. While it may help prevent physical sickness, it puts another barrier between people. Go too long and we forget the sound of unmuffled voices, smiles and hugs. No, this is not healthy living, for we were made for more.

So the rain comes, provided by God, and it waters the cracked earth and my thirsty heart. The thunder and lighting remind me of His power and control over all. One of my kids comes beside me and says the rain is a fortune. He knows the value of what God provides. Another leans in for a hug and asks if we can eat dinner on the back porch. I think we will and soak it all up; for it came at just the right time. May what He provides give you all your heart needs today.


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