Looking back over the Christmas season, I have to wonder why God does some of the things He does when He does not have too. It should be enough that He came, died for our sin and has gone to prepare a place for us. He even sent a helper, the Holy Spirit, to live inside of us. Wouldn’t that be enough? He is such a good Father that He just does not stop there. He gives gift after gift. I just cannot get over His generosity.

He gave us friends that set an incredible example for our kids and love us when we have done nothing to earn their kindness. He gave us the Bethlehem Star to see on our road trip to North Carolina. He gave us a family that is fun and we laughed a lot this past week together. He gave my dad a beautiful new home that he and my mom designed. Her touches are evident even though her presence is missing. He gave snow on Christmas Eve, the first for our youngest. He gave us presents around the tree that everyone loved. He gave time with friends that we have known for over twenty years. And He surrounded us with His beautiful creation. How can I not praise Him?

As I set and wonder about His goodness, I also have to wonder how I missed it for so long? How did I miss His kindness and evidence of love? How did I become so expectant and easily offended when things did not go my way? How could I be so critical, judgmental and speak words against others? I wonder why He has been so patient with me when I looked nothing like Him? And then it hits me. I am His child. A good father is patient and slow to become angry. He is kind and protective, always seeking the best for his child. He also has the advantage of having written our story. I pray you know Him.

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