“Delight yourself also in the LORD, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4

For many years I got this verse wrong. My desires were more of a wishlist that I presented to God and the delighting part was a bit skimmed over. There were many other things I found delight in until even those lost their shine. And then the Lord in His patient kindness worked circumstances for me to begin the journey to truly delighting in Him. As He has become my delight, His desires have become mine. Oh, I still get plenty of things wrong, but my desire is to be dependent on Him and that is a delight.

Sometimes I have ideas, desires that I take to God. I still ask if this was His or mine. Another desire has circled back. Could this be the part you would have our family play in your kingdom building? Have we been entrusted with gifts for this very reason? I have asked before and the answer was no at that time. Will this time be any different? Perhaps we were not ready, more training and shaping was needed.

So, I ask again and read the wisdom of King David in this beautiful Psalm. I see reminders for us to continue to trust and do good. I have committed my ways to Him and patiently wait, expecting God to be God. Humility comes with the thought that He could use us to be beacons of light, pointing others to Him. To be a place of rest and fun, away from the cares of this world. A place of welcome and a place to serve. We have been this place, but could there be more? And with open hands I place this desire before our God and I wait and pray. “For your glory alone,” Lord, as my husband often says.

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