“For we know that the law is spiritual, but I am carnal, sold under sin.” Romans 7:14

Do you remember what it was like before you became a believer, a follower of Christ? Even the early days as a new Christian? For years I had this idea that if I could just do all I could to not mess up, then I would be accepted as a Christian. When that became too much, I took to judging others by the law. Somehow it made my guilty heart feel less guilty if I could find others not as “good” as my outward behavior. I lacked grace and mercy that should mark every believer. Thankfully, the Lord has corrected me as a good father does.

When I look back at my way of thinking and how wrong I was, it makes me have so much more compassion for those with whom I disagree. When your mind and heart are not under the rulership of God and His Holy Spirit, self reigns. You become king and your thinking stems from the flesh and it’s carnality. So if anyone tries to put a law on you, your natural response is rebellion. We see this playing out with the fight over our country. One ruled by the Spirit would say, one nation under God. The one ruled by self would fight not to be “controlled” by God or man.

Believers, truth will never change, but the laws of our country may. The way we respond will show the world who ultimately rules us. Will we join in the loud carnal followers or will we be led by the Spirit? May the Lord so capture our hearts that the choice will always be Him. For He has accepted us and calls us His. Why would we want to remain alone? And may we walk in the grace and mercy in the days ahead. For there are many whose lives are a constant battle and they do not even know it. The war against flesh and spirit is always raging.

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