I spent the morning with our oldest. We went grocery shopping together, just an ordinary errand turned sweet with her presence. She sipped on a kale smoothie, evidence that she is mine, and I just smiled. This girl is more than I could have ever imagined. You think as a young mom, this day will never come, but here we are. Despite all the mistakes I make, here we are. With so many unknowns ahead of her, here we are.

I have watched her fold out a plan and move forward. It was much harder and did not go as planned. I have watched her regroup and pivot a bit. She moves one step at a time with many dreams held loosely. Her faith and perseverance amaze me. She started a new job the other day and the number of humbling experiences made her laugh. She did them all with a true servants heart.

One day she will be doing her own grocery shopping for her own family. We might not live close and we will have to swap kale smoothie recipes over the phone. So for today I choose to be grateful that she is here. I will be mindful to be present and listen. I want to hear her heart and help sort things out as she goes along, but mainly I want to watch the plans God has for her unfold each step of the way. It is like watching a bit of your own heart on display and today it made me smile.

2 thoughts on “Availability

  1. PLT!!! Love your comments!!!! Maggie is truly a blessing from God and I know she must bring lots of joy to the entire family. We are very proud of her and love and respect her very much. Doug & Lois

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