A Tale of Two Hills

“One day Jesus saw a vast crowd of people gathering to hear him, so he went up the slope of a hill and sat down. With his followers and disciples spread over the hillside, Jesus began to teach them…” (Matthew 5:1-2TPT)

I have been studying Matthew chapter five lately, especially the first half of the chapter. The opposite way of life teaching of Jesus draws me in. It does not make sense, but it is how Jesus lived while on earth and asks us to live now with the help of the Holy Spirit. The thing is, I cannot seem to fit this teaching into what we witnessed on Capitol Hill. Over two thousand years separates these events. The words spoken all those years ago carries over to today and impacts many. What will be written about January 6, 2021? How will this event, words and actions influence history?

Regardless of who is in the position of power to make laws, we all will be impacted in some way. The impact can be good or bad. However, just because something is a law, does not mean we are given freedom if it goes against the word of God. For example, just because laws may change and choices becomes easier, does not mean we are now free to live however we want. So what will we do? Education is an excellent start, but I think there is more to be done. How about we parents, relatives, anyone who has an influence over children, teach them another way? What if we teach them about the incredible value of life, how each person is made in the image of God and has a purpose?

If it is not this next wave of government, it will be another. It is our responsibility to teach another way, the way of truth. We have been given an incredible privilege and we cannot rage in fear just because doors of evil are opened wider. We do not have to walk through them and neither do our children. The choice is ours to make. I am not afraid for my children. They are learning from another teacher on a hill. And this teacher died for them. I pray you know the Teacher too.

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