I read a phenomenal story today that you need to hear. It was about a coach going into a championship game. He had called in a mental coach and spent time with him. The wisdom he shared should be taught with anyone that has influence over children. The main point shared by the mental coach was that the coach needed to let the players know he loved them unconditionally, not for their abilities or if they won or lost. They needed to know he loved them and trusted them. Something so simple made all the difference in these players hearts and minds. Can you imagine how different kids would be in school if they walked into the classroom, having come from homes that they knew they were loved unconditionally and trusted? I wonder if we would have more teachers? What if we had more teachers that took this mindset on?

Unconditional love is the most impactful gift we can give children. How else will they first catch a glimpse of their Heavenly Father? Love based on condition, keeps one guessing and unsure. Let that go on long enough and many just give up. Trust is a bit harder. Maturity grows trust and ultimately a child will make their own decisions and live with the consequences, good or bad. However, I wonder what kind of decisions a person would make if they had the unconditional love piece factored in? You do not have to agree to love someone. It could make all the difference in the world.

By the way, the book is entitled greatness, spelled with a lowercase g on purpose, and it’s by Dr. David Cook.

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