“Those who have a strong sense of love and belonging have the courage to be imperfect.” -Brene Brown

It is not everyday that I get to be a substitute preschool teacher, but when I do, I take it all in. Our kids are getting older, so it is fun to be surrounded by younger kids. They say the best things and enjoy simply playing with their friends. They laugh at nothing and think you have the best ideas. Their imagination is huge and they invite you to join them. Some are carefree and others a bit more serious. You can catch a glimpse of who they are becoming and that is a gift.

A few mistakes were made and we worked that out. Once two friends talked, we moved along and kept playing. Some showed me their new shoes and wondered if they would be faster. One was pretty excited about zipping her own jacket. Reading books together was a lot of fun, but I will admit to summarizing a few pages. We built a city and it was a busy place. Dinosaurs were on the edge of the city, but never made their way in. A cat might have driven a car, but why not?

The day was simple and lively. We were all tired by the time the day ended. And I will be praying for these sweet kids tonight. For them to remain forgiving, welcoming and kind as they grow up. May they know how valuable and unique they are and come to know the Lord. I pray they love God with all their heart and live to serve Him. What a difference and impact they could make for the Kingdom!

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