Going Back

“And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also.” John 14:3

I got another opportunity to be a substitute again today at the preschool. I noticed much and smiled often. You know, no child doubts their mom or dad will not come back to pick them up. They trust them, even when they cannot see them. Some are a bit sad, but they get busy with what is in front of them. They make friends, learn to share, help each other, laugh, play and eat together. They listen to stories and tell many of their own. They find common ground and shared experiences. They are carefree and honest. We need to go back to being more childlike.

Jesus told us that He will come back for us and He cannot lie. He has left us with the Holy Spirit and given each of us purpose. We cannot see Him, but we can read His word, talk to Him, and meet together to learn and worship. While we are not yet in our final home, we can be living very meaningful lives and getting ready for eternity. When we know what is to come, we make different choices, invite others to hear the Good News and share meals with those who need fellowship and just for fun. We exchange stories and maybe find some common ground. Perhaps we even find people who are passionate about serving too.

You know, maybe we all need to go back to preschool and unlearn some of the things we have taken hold of that keep us divided and not seeing others. Might make for more peaceful days ahead.

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