Being without can sure change your mindset. I can get so bored doing the same chores everyday and complain about laundry never ending and food flying out as soon as it is brought in. And then you can’t do laundry, food becomes precious for days, being warm becomes the goal and little else seems to matter. A priority shift happened these past few days and so did my heart. One would think the pandemic marked me for good, but I needed a reminder.

There have been many sweet moments and plenty of hard ones too. One of my favorite things has been reading books to the youngest one. Children’s books are the best! Most are simple and fun, just like a child. That is what I have noticed during these snow days, returning to simplicity. The extra gets removed and what’s important gets put back in place. Because being at home and all the work that goes along with raising a family is right where the Lord has me. Much may go unseen, but it matters to the ones in front of me and should not be taken for granted. Perhaps this time I will not have to relearn happy.

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