Yesterday our oldest son turned seventeen. As you know, the time goes by so fast and the memories can bring tears easily. Running through the memories that led up to yesterday, I had to think about what to write, what to say about this child. Do I list words about his character or write about my hopes for his future? All of those words would be true, but I wanted more. So here it goes…

Jackson, I love you. I simply love you because you are my son. You can do no more or no less to diminish my love. Love is not to be earned. You were given to me, entrusted would be a better word, and it is a privilege to be your mom. I accept you 100%, remarkable as you are. Putting you in my idea of a “perfect son” has never worked. You have an identity that only God can give you and I consider it an honor to help remind you of that everyday. You bring one of a kind ideas into this world and into our home. Steward well all He has created you to be and know I will always be your biggest fan.

Love, Mom

2 thoughts on “Seventeen

  1. First let us say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! to great and wonderful young man!!!!! It is a pleasure to always
    see your smiling face on the photos. You are a handsome guy. Aunt Lois & I have always admire your
    gentile persona and we are proud to be related to you. May GOD continue to bless you and guide you in all your endeavors!!
    Natalie, you & Damon have raised fine young man and have expressed it so wonderfully with your comments.

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