We are celebrating another child who happens to be turning thirteen. What do I write about her, to her? Do I think back to being this age and what I needed to hear? Yes, that is what I will do as another gift for her.

Abbey Grace, you get to decide what kind of person you will be. You get to choose to believe the truth about who God says you are or stake your life on the ever changing opinions of others. You get to decide what clothes you wear and not look to what is popular or what might draw the most attention. You have your own sense of style that is unique to you, wear that. Child, you have the attention and affection of the King, what more do you want? Do your best in school, but your worth is not to be based on performance. I love you just for being you, no need to try to earn a thing. Above all the noise and distractions, listen for God’s voice. He longs to speak to you and tell you the story He has written of you before you were even born. He speaks anywhere and everywhere, make time continually to listen. Then do what He tells you and know I am cheering you on.

Remember, you are one of a kind and accepted. Do not try to conform to the popular mold being duplicated in the halls of the middle school. Be you! Your confidence comes from within, a deep knowing you are loved enough to have Jesus die for you. You are pure and set apart just for Him. Walk with your eyes always on Him. Listen as He whispers in your ear during the day and enjoy the adventure. You are a delight and precious in His sight. I am so thankful I get to watch His plans for you. I love and trust you more than you will ever know. I believe in you, sweet girl.

Love, Mom

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