One of our girls and I were talking about her playing soccer. I was reminded of her short lived soccer career when she was little. She sure looked cute and had the most colorful uniform. When we signed up and then got assigned to a team, the coach got my email address wrong. Somehow we found out about the practice and game, but we missed important details. The coach was a bit frustrated with me, but I did not know what we were suppose to know. How can you know if you have not been told or shown? I only did what I knew and fell terribly short of what was expected.

Doesn’t this make you think of people who have never heard about God or known someone who is a believer? They are only doing what they know, living from what they know or have been shown. Why do we get so frustrated when people, who are lost, actually speak and live lost? As believers, we can ask God to show us who to talk to, give us the words He wants us to say, begin a relationship and maybe even get to invite others into the Kingdom. It is not a team to be on, but an eternal relationship that will make all the difference. I hear the “uniforms” are pretty incredible too.

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