Don’t Settle

“Don’t settle for having an opinion when you can be an example.” Maria Goff , Love Lives Here

I am reading this book again and came across this powerful sentence last night. Is that not incredible? What a great motto for us, especially today. Opinions can be used to divide us, but being an example can bring us together. Which do you think we need more of? Another question would be, what do you want to be remembered for, your opinions or your example?

When I think about my mom, it is not her opinions that come to mind. She tended to be more quiet. What has stayed with me is her example in so many things. She loved Jesus in her own unique way and seemed to always be working things out with Him. I am thankful they are face to face now. She gave incredible, thoughtful gifts and knew how to celebrate well. When it came to aging, she said we would grow old gracefully and did just that until she died. When you are beautiful you just are.

So today I am thinking about what matters and what will last. Maybe we can all be a bit more quiet with our opinions and more thoughtful in our examples. Besides, opinions change like Texas weather and can be just as stifling. An example can bless generations to come, long after we are gone. Perhaps we must all decide if we will settle or be.

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