My friends and I gathered at our favorite coffee shop this morning to unpack the week and life in general. Each of us bring Christ in us everywhere we go, but we have all been shaped or influenced differently. I thought today as I drove away, how freeing it is to let people just be themselves. No agenda, but to listen and speak when it seems right. We laugh or cry sometimes, but we speak honestly and relax in safety.

Another thought crossed my mind, as tensions swirl in our country, how grateful I am for friends that just let you be you. I also know the importance of letting others be themselves too, but that has not always been the case. Maybe I am finally getting comfortable in my own skin and who God uniquely made me to be. Peace settles in and so many insecurities fall away. We cannot give what we do not have now can we? We could all use some peace these days and a place to be ourselves. May we all be people of peace in the days ahead in whatever way the Lord leads. May we also be courageous enough to listen well and be ourselves. Seems to me the world could use some original thinkers, who authentically show up just the way He has made you to be.

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