Over two thousand years ago, on a Saturday much like today, Jesus had died and lay in a borrowed tomb. I am so thankful that it was borrowed and not permanent. Trying to place myself there, I imagine wanting to be quiet. What words do you exchange after what your eyes have just witnessed? How do you explain the grief that crushes your heart? Yes, I would be silent. And if I had listened and believed Jesus was who he said he was and is, I would have found a place to sit by the tomb. Silence and waiting would have filled my Saturday.

Where do you find yourself today? Maybe the reminder of death hits very close to home, for you know the day after death too. So today we can wait together. It seems appropriate to tell the Lord how I am feeling about this waiting after death. He already knows, but somehow telling him opens my heart. I do not expect answers, for that does not bring back life. What I will receive is peace in the waiting and know this is not the end of the story. Sunday is coming….

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