Today we celebrate Good Friday, the day Jesus died on the cross. Knowing the Resurrection did indeed happen on Sunday, does not change the significance of this day, but I have missed it so many times. This year feels different. The weight of the day is real. My mind keeps dwelling on the helplessness of those that watched who love him. Maybe you know that feeling too, of watching someone you love suffer. Will there ever be a good day again? On this side of suffering, I can say with all honesty, yes, there will be many.

I am learning suffering does not need to be qualified or compared; it is not a contest any of us wants to win. It is part of being a human and something we all have in common. Perhaps the difference is what we do with what we now know because of the suffering, a decision each must make.

Maybe today if you know someone in the middle of their Friday, you can give the gift of listening and offer the reassurance that Sunday will come. Each experience is different and a good friend knows this too. When the room feels dark, a gentle word or even silence, cast a soft light, almost like a candle. May the Lord use our glow from suffering to bring him glory this Easter weekend.

One thought on “Friday

  1. Thanks!!!! Very good comments!! This EASTER has caused a lot of reflection on my part.
    Just think, it is not finding the eggs that is important, it is finding and knowing the tomb is empty. JESUS is ALIVE.


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