Yesterday morning I was praying and telling the Lord how it feels like our community is in such a mess. Maybe you feel the same way too about where you live. What came to mind was this huge ball of tangled blue threads. Can we untangle what appears so knotted up in anger, fear and blindness to truly seeing people? You do not hold a knot up and admire it that is for sure. So what do we do? I did the only thing I know to do, I handed it to the Lord. He has been known to do the impossible. Thread by thread I watched, in my imagination, as each thread was sewn into the hem of His robe. The process was slow as most stitches are, but the result was beautiful.

I read the story of the woman who had heard about Jesus and thought if she could just touch Him, she would be healed. She reached out her hand in faith, touched the hem of His robe and was instantly made well. An idea came to mind. Maybe these tangled threads, when surrendered into His hands, can be used for healing. And maybe when we’ve each been made well and whole, we can tell others. Who knows? Maybe where we live will become known for a place of wellness because we know the source of healing. We have reached out in faith, with our tangled threads and watched Him do the impossible. And this I know with all my heart, when He heals, you are never the same. Praise God!

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