Too Much

The book fair came to the younger kids school this week. Our youngest spent her own money on a book for me. The book is entitled The Word Collector by Peter H. Reynolds. We read it together and loved it! When she crawled into my lap after dinner, I whispered in her ear how much it meant to me that she thought of me. I told her how it made my heart smile. She stayed in my lap for quite awhile.

I wonder how God feels when we think of Him throughout our day? When we take time to ask His opinion, guidance or simply tell Him we love Him, do you think His heart smiles too? When we open His book and read the greatest collection of words ever written, are we not amazed and have a million questions? And the more we get to know Him, the harder it seems to leave the awareness of His presence don’t you think? Knowing that as much as I love this little girl of mine, God’s love is greater, it is almost too much for one heart to contain. Maybe that is why I write…

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