People are fascinating, each different having been shaped in the environment God placed them. Some grow up confident, secure in their true identity and others appear to be fighting for their worth, almost like it is air. I watched two people this week and noticed incredible differences. One was restful, peaceful, breathed easy and the other had none. To ask questions would have been inappropriate, but I would loved to have unraveled the troubled heart. I wanted to say there is another way, that all you have to do is ask the One who created you a simple question. Ask Him, the One who sustains your air, what He calls you and see if it does not change everything. Generations that have not yet been born will be affected by your choice to know and live in your true identity. What are you waiting for? Your great-great-great grandkids need your true identity to lead the way for them to walk towards home. Give them something to follow and breath easy today.

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