Holding Hands

“Do trust and mistrust hold hands?” 2 Corinthians 6 (The Message)

I read and reread this verse this morning and the image came to mind of when we were teaching our children to walk. We would hold both of their small hands and encourage them to take step after step. Never once did any of them not take our hands. I thought back to those days and saw myself as a child again learning to “walk by faith and not by sight”. If I am being honest, somedays I take the hand of mistrust, for you cannot hold both. “What if He doesn’t come through”, the enemy whispers? “This dream is much too big”, another whisper passes through my mind and my hand slips into agreement. However, I know He is trustworthy and He is the only One that knows the way. His hands are always available, steading each tentative step I take. So today I held His hand in faith and learned to walk a bit further. And I will do it again and again all the way Home.

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