Stay Together

“You never separate from the group! You always stay together. If you separate, the enemy picks you off one by one.” -Eli, age 9

We were watching a show this morning and the characters were looking for the villain. They decided to separate and spread out. Eli leans over and reminded me of an important lesson, stay together. If the enemy can get you alone, his chances of stopping you are higher. A community is much harder to shut down when you are unified. To go alone is not only lonely, but dangerous. Stay together and build each other up along the way. When one is running low on hope or burdened, another can remind you of what is true. It is also much easier to venture out when you are not alone. A bit of courage is ignited inside knowing you go together. Also, invite others in and never close the circle. So many are looking to belong and what better place than with ones that know love.

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