I’ve mentioned it before, but there is a picture my mom chose for my room growing up that I still have. It is of a gardener removing a thorn from a small girls hand. It is tender and loving in every way, such a picture of Jesus. (Remember Mary thought Jesus was the gardener when she went to his tomb.) Studying the scripture this week, where Jesus takes the five loaves and two fish from his disciples hands, made me think of this picture. It reminded me that Jesus is able to take what we give him from our hands too. Like a thorn, He took fear from my outstretched hand. It often hurt me and would act as a weapon I used to unknowingly hurt others too. And just like the Savior He is, He allowed me to have a real scar on my hand that serves as a reminder not to pick up that thorn of fear again. Circumstances and words tempt me daily, but the scar reminds me of the cost Jesus paid for my healing. His perfect love casts out my fear again and again when my eyes are focused on Him. What a Savior! I pray that He multiplies the healing only He can give to feed many who remain in fear.

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