Second Time

“Then, for a second time, they made David’s son Solomon king; they anointed him as the LORD’s ruler…”. (1 Chronicles 29:22)

Sitting beside our oldest daughter in church on Sunday, this thought seemed to whisper inside, “You have raised a worshiper.” To take credit would be to deny grace and an attempt to steal His glory, so none will be taken. It is because she knows she is loved unconditionally, trusted and is lead by God who leads us all, that she is who she is. When I read this verse today, Sundays memory came to mind. As I dug a little deeper, it appears that this second anointing was done more publicly and the first was not. So it seems with parenting. What we sow daily in our hearts and the hearts of our children can often feel very private, just between you and the Lord and maybe a few that know you. Then as they grow up and you do too, the overflow of all those years of sowing privately becomes more public, especially when they head off to college. We do not deny that there are plenty of bumps in the road, making us that much more grateful for grace, but we keep sowing. Day in and day out we do the heart work, trusting the Lord to bring about a mighty harvest that will outlive us. When the days get long I pray I remember Sunday.

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