Thy Will

I need multiple lessons to make a lasting change. Thankfully, our God is faithful, patient, merciful and full of grace with His children. I am not sure when or why it started, but I have lived much of my life in defeat. I would start something, get tired and quit or settle for good, but not best. The list is long and at times comical. Some years ago, a certain discipline was presented and I took up the challenge. The habit became so transformational that I could not stop. Spending time in the Word of God has that affect on a person. As only the Lord can do, He has not left any area of my life untouched. Scripture after scripture has healed, encouraged, convicted, strengthened, corrected and increased my love and dependence on our Savior. I know I will spend a lifetime pouring over my opened Bible, written words from my first love.

One of the areas He has recently been highlighting is this habit of defeat or settling. I see now that the root has been fear all along. Amazing how that also leaves nothing untouched, isn’t it? I feel like a healed soldier, declared able to fight again. I stand ready, praying for His will to be done. For He is God and I am not.

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