Something happens as you fall in love with studying the scriptures, you get to know the Author. You read page after page of beautifully written details, all pointing to Him. And because He knew we would need reminders of His original design, He wove plans throughout the entire book. When I read Nehemiah 4:12-14, I see a brilliant strategy that can be applied today. Apparently, the people rebuilding the city were being attacked at every turn. Nehemiah stations them by families armed for defending themselves in the most vulnerable areas. He also reminds them to not be afraid, but to remember who God is and for whom they are fighting. Sounds like the world we are living in doesn’t? Where are our vulnerable areas? Who needs to be equipped to fight back the darkness? Maybe it is the ones that feel alone and afraid that need to be pulled into a family. When we separate or isolate ourselves for whatever reason, we become an easy target for the enemy. Discouragement comes easier than courage when we stand alone.

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