I wonder about a great number of things. Questions come easy as I go about the day. Some find answers and many do not. People set off a list of questions and it is fun to get to ask them. Answers vary and often surprise, we are all quite fascinating. Lately, I have been learning/asking about strength, for I have seen weaknesses in myself. There are many areas that have been neglected because other matters have felt more pressing. However, once you have been made aware, to do nothing or remain the same would be denial. And so I am learning to ask questions of people who are strong in areas that I am weak. Also, reading the scriptures give page after page of insight into the lives of others who appear weak, but the Lord gave them strength to carry out His plans. There is a source of feeling weak, not asking Him for the strength to carry out the plans He has for us.

Everyone has gifts that He gives when we accept His invitation of salvation. The temptation to remain distracted, weak and not using these gifts, probably will not go away. But with each denial to give into temptation, I feel strengthened and joy returning in my purpose. Amazing how that all works, isn’t it?

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