Taking ownership of our feelings is not easy. I have found blame to be far easier. Since scripture is full of people who lived, breathed and felt every human emotion we are capable of, I find it fascinating to read about them. We can learn so much and even save ourselves from repeating mistakes. Today I read this shocking statement, “Then Sarai said to Abram, ‘You are responsible for my suffering!” (Genesis 16:5). This woman, who would become quite a mom, is angry and hurting. Maybe because of the circumstance she finds herself in, she blames her husband for her haste in trying to build a family. She had received a promise from God and so did her husband. When the years passed and no answer came, she took action. How many times have I done this and my plans have led to nothing short of a mess? The easiest person to blame is usually the one closest. May we learn a valuable lesson of faith and wait for whatever it is we have not yet received. May the Lord ask of us, as He did this dear woman, “Is anything impossible for the LORD?” (Genesis 18:13).

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