Sweet Sixteen

And another child turns sixteen in our home today. She is one remarkable, unique daughter. Her extreme sense of justice is quite unusual and her compassion is fierce. She has a quiet strength about her, that reminds me so much of my mom. She makes you feel safe when you are with her. Many times we have relied on her to track down solutions to problems and she comes through every time. As we gathered last night to celebrate this beauty, the scripture chosen was the story of Deborah, a judge in Israel. She was wise, direct, encouraging, worshipful, faithful and knew God to be trustworthy. This reminded me so much of our daughter.

So, my prayer for her this year is that she will grow to be confidence in the way God has created her. When the enemy tempts you to use your gifts to criticize others, you will remain compassionate, pray or help the person in need. When others are loud and being your quiet self goes unnoticed, remain content to shine your unique brightness. I am amazed at you, my daughter.

Happy 16th Birthday, Anna Kate!

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