Our youngest has hair that seems prone to tangle into knots. If she does not take the time to comb it often, the knots are extremely hard to get out, which causes a great deal of pain. The other night, as she rested her head on me, I slowly combed and she cried. Many times she asked me if I was almost done and if I could just stop. It was painful for us both.

Looking at the tangled mess, I was reminded of sin that so easily entangles us. When time isn’t taken to fill our minds with His Word or tell the Lord the truth about what is going on in our hearts, we find ourselves in places, mentally, physically and spiritually, we never imagined. And as I sat with our daughter, slowly working through the knots, I caught a glimpse of our patient Father. I was reminded of how He has so often listened to my cries in the mess my sin has made and worked to untangle me. He takes all the necessary time and does not stop until He accomplishes His purpose in me. Even as painful as it has been, it actually makes me love Him more. He really is a good and patient Father.

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