A friend and I ventured down to a well known furniture event here in Texas. There were tents set up with all kinds of offerings. Something for everyones decorating style, so much creativity on display. It was a bit overwhelming, but quite an experience. Some businesses sold beautiful antiques, while others sold reproductions. At first glance, many appeared the same, but I am the daughter of a gifted furniture designer and have been taught what to look for. For when you inspect a bit closer, there are several differences, especially the price and quality. An original is always more valuable than an imitation.

This made me think of us, God’s creation. We are a masterpiece, a one of a kind, but often tempted to want to look like someone else. The result is a manufactured copy, losing much of ourselves in the replication process. Being authentic takes courage and truth, not often captured on social media. It requires knowing our identity, that goes far beyond the information on our birth certificates. And from what I saw on this fun trip, people are drawn to what is original. Makes sense when we look at the life of Jesus.

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