Middle School

A friend and I gathered with a group of middle school girls this morning to do a study on identity. It is such an incredible opportunity to give these girls what most of us only wish we had at their age. Something that stood out was the reminder that only our Creator, God Himself, has the authority to give us, His creation, our identity. No one else should be allowed such power. As parents, we are entrusted as guides that affirm who God says our kids are as they grow up. When they forget or begin to take on what is false, due to any number of things, we get to remind them of what is true. The hard part is that sometimes as parents, we have not gotten this identity piece down. What I have found the most freeing is to pray and ask the Lord to bring to mind all the names or lies I have been told or even told myself about who I am. Listing them out is extremely painful, but exposing them to the light is good. Then pray and ask what is true. Ask the Lord to tell you who He says you are. Open your Bible and have it all confirmed. Since God is love, what you hear is loving. It will make all the difference. Perhaps your middle school self will be healed once and for all. And the love you now have for yourself will then be shared with those around you. Brings to mind what Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:39).

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