Needed and Wanted

Sometimes conversations spark thoughts that lead to questions. To answer them takes time and courage. What I discovered was quite healing and I needed to extend forgiveness again to individuals within two groups. When one person hurts you within a group, your feelings towards the whole group can be clouded. Maybe this happens most with Christians and the Church. Someone meets a person that says they are follower of Christ, but are anything but loving. The belief could now be that all Christians are unloving, therefore the God they belong to is not loving. Goodness, we humans can really mess things up. For me, it came down to being dismissed on different occasions in a way that made me feel unwanted and unneeded. Who in the world wants that to be true? Who wants to not be invited to the table because you are not wanted or needed? The truth is we have all been invited by God, who sent His Son to die in order to extend the invitation to His table. There is not a human alive who has the authority to make anyone not welcome. The price was too costly and none of us had to pay it. So, we can get into the habit of continually reminding ourselves and others that we are greatly wanted and needed by our Heavenly Father. Maybe we all need to let the truth of His great love for us sink deep and go invite accordingly. Every person you meet is worthy of a seat, they just don’t know they are needed and wanted at His table. Lets be the one to tell them.

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