Take Notice

There is a woman named Ruth in the Bible that is fascinating to me. She is a widow and a foreigner that ends up collecting grain, intentionally left for people who found themselves in her vulnerable state. The field she gathers from happens to belong to an honorable man, who takes notice of her. They end up marrying, by yet another plan of provision. Because Ruth knows what it is like to be one gathering grain and in a state of need, I have to think this gave her eyes to see people differently. How do you think she treated gatherers when she becomes the field owners wife? Maybe part of the good that comes out of whatever life experiences the Lord allows to put us in need, whether it is relational, physical, financial and the list could go on, we come to the other side noticing others. When we have eyes that are trained to see hearts in need, we remember the hope others gave to us and do likewise. Not to give them only our story, but to provide hope for them to gather. We encourage them to keep going and do not allow them to go home empty. The harvest is ripe with opportunities these days, friends.

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