A Constant Battle

Going through the homework for the summer Bible study, a statement the author made stands out. ”Self-importance is always an enemy to your true self-identity.” This idea of elevating ourselves is the opposite of humility. So who we truly are, the person God created us to be, is found when we are brought low. While the process may sound like being thrown into a fiery furnace, it is actually the place we become unbound to our self-importance and the real us emerges. Now if the real you and me were of no value, the enemy would leave us alone. However, this true self is an enemy to his dark plans and the fire we now carry illuminates the darkness. Light has a way of drawing the enemies attention it seems. So the fight continues over the flame that shines, this Christ in us shines with humility, casting a welcoming glow to others. Self-importance would only bring a dark shadow. And so the decision to fight against this darkness continues and by the power of the igniting flame of the Holy Spirit, we shine.

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