Words are important and we will all know their power. So much potential for good or harm in every sentence. The words we say to others and the ones we say to ourselves are like seeds. They sink deep in the soil of our hearts and grow good or bad fruit. The fruit then feeds others. The seed that hurts my heart the most is the one we drop that communicates to our children or others that we wish they were different. Could be out of fear, maybe pride or some other blinding beliefs that cause our harmful words. We fail to see that there is so much unique beauty in each one of us and our words can help bring that out. I have to believe this will help uproot the bad seeds and encourage the good and true ones to grow.

It hurts to think about how I have planted many ugly seeds in my lifetime and that much more thankful for grace. My prayer is that a changed heart makes all things new, especially my words. Perhaps evidence of a changed heart is when we begin to look for the good in others, that part that reflects some nature of our Creator, instead of automatic judgement. Such sweet conversations can be had and the fruit will produce new seeds for generations to come. I just know it!

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