A storm is rolling into our area. The sky is rumbling dark and the temperature has dropped considerably. I like the sound, anticipate the rain and appreciate the warnings. We prepare by brining in all that could be damaged in order to protect. It makes me wonder if we could navigate the storms that are raging today by responding in a more loving manner? Could be people are in the midst of storms we know nothing about, acting the only way they know how and could use a safe place to weather it out? Maybe listening, not offering the harsh “I told you so” or how we navigated our own storm without help, would be the first step. Even offering to pray, joining our cries to our Father with theirs, is a beautiful gift. A simple note or text of encouragement, will feel like a few minutes of safety for the recipient. Perhaps the Lord might lead us to do more. This I know, any act of kindness is appreciated and a reminder that you are loved. Look around and see who needs sheltering and experience that part of God’s heart that offers refuge. Who knows how our actions may effect eternity.

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