I read a line in a Christmas devotional that has stuck with me. The writer highlighted character traits of Mary and said how the same traits were evident in the life of Jesus. Humility and obedience are the two that stand out to me most. Because the young girl that God entrusted His Son to be born to, would also be the one raising Him. God became holdable to Mary, then grew up in her care. Humility and obedience would be needed for what He came to do. I wonder how she lived her day to day life demonstrating these traits? What was her own mother like?

Since God places children in our care too, what do we have in us that they need to live out their purpose? More questions and a desire to find out.

3 thoughts on “Trusted

  1. WOW!!!!!! 14 it is unbelievable. We need to see all those grown up kiddos.

    When I saw the photo the name Abbey Grace came to mind.


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