hives and fallen trees

Apparently I am allergic to a certain type of antibiotic. My body reacted with hives while we were driving to North Carolina. Treating one problem led to quite another. It is strange to look in the mirror and not look like yourself, but more medicine and I am better. It did make me wonder about other internal things and the effects that are not so obvious. It also caused me to want to rid myself of anything, physically and spiritually, that was contributing to anything less than God’s healthy design.

The days passed and we had a great time as a family. Giving and receiving gifts is one of my favorite things. And I guess God was not finished giving, because on the drive home, we got word that a giant oak tree had fallen in our yard. The root system had been compromised and extreme temperatures left the 100 year old tree unhealthy. The unseen roots were now exposed and there was some damage. However, I could not help but think what an amazing picture this was of what I had asked of the Lord. Extremes can expose what is not healthy in us too. Deep roots of fear, guilt and shame unearthed from my heart, then taken away by the Christ we celebrate. Now I ask that He plants only what will bear much for His kingdom, with roots that grow down deep and remain strong when the extremes come.

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